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Keeping Families On Track When A Loved One Passes Away

Unfortunately, when a loved one dies, family tensions, old misunderstandings and new conflicts can all come to the surface. An offhand comment from a loved one or a fight about who gets a sentimental family heirloom can become a flashpoint for an unanticipated legal battle that leaves your family in legal chaos. The right lawyer can cut through the confusion and conflict and get to the heart of a dispute.

At Mister, Winter & Bartlett, LLC, we have served the greater Baltimore community since 1987. For decades, we have been a voice for families and a strong advocate throughout probate and estate administration disputes. We bring a substantial litigation background and decades of experience that you can depend upon. Maryland families can reach us at 410-941-2261.

Common Sources Of Estate Disputes

When families experience estate issues, they often become vessels for hard feelings and family history that has been under the surface, sometimes for years. When you get to the heart of the conflict, however, will and trust issues come down to one of a few legal matters, such as:

  • An out-of-date will left some property subject to probate laws.
  • A will was never updated after a divorce or death.
  • A late-in-life change to a will was the result of undue influence.
  • A statement about who should receive an item conflicts with a will.
  • Heirs disagree about what to do with property they now hold jointly.

In many cases, we are able to step in and draw on our community’s collective knowledge across our practice areas. This means that we can assist in probate matters that also involve businesses, family law issues or other areas of legal concern.

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